Good news coming from the Aeolian Islands!

Good news coming from the Aeolian Islands!

The mayor of Lipari Marco Giorgianni signed the order authorizing the groups accompanied by volcanological or alpine guides to be able to reach the top of Stromboli. It is finally possible therefore to climb up to the “pizzo” (top) of the volcano, which had been closed about six months ago due to an increase in volcanic activity, which returns to be normal.
Let the show begin!

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With its splendid persistent activity, whose historical sources have been ascertaining since the 6th century AD, Stromboli is one of the most visited and studied volcanoes in the world. Watch its continuous explosions, listen to its ancestral sounds and enjoy the incomparable view of the explosive activity at the sunset from its summit, accompanied by the heat of the volcano and  of the volcano guides of Magmatrek, expert knowers of the secrets of the island.