Some photos of the eruptive fissure at the base of the south-east crater. The lava flow emerges from an altitude of 2,800m and is currently still active

Some photos of our latest excursions. Trekking at 2900m between lava tunnels, the majestic Bove valley

An exceptional snowfall gives us incredible conditions to end the ski mountaineering season on Etna in style

Some photos of our excursions at 2900mt, a trek that allows us to discover different aspects of Etna

In recent days, the activity of the south-east crater of Etna has become increasingly intense and has given an unforgettable show to our tourists. During our excursions on foot and by e-bike we were able to admire beautiful lava fountains and we were able to get close to still active
Nos excursions ont pour objectif de vous faire entrer au cœur du volcan, hors des sentiers battus. Trekking dans la Valle del Bove pour découvrir le cœur géologique de l'Etna, trekking sur le côté ouest sauvage de l'Etna pour atteindre la Grotta del Gelo à travers des sentiers de lave