The caves of Etna

Exploring the underground wonders not to be missed 

Etna, an imposing and majestic volcano, never ceases to amaze with its beauty and power. But in addition to its imposing presence on the surface, Etna hides a fascinating and mysterious underground world: the Etna Caves

In this article, we will explore some of the most spectacular caves that lie beneath the surface of this active volcano.

Raspberry Cave: a journey into the heart of the Earth

Diving in the Raspberry Cave is like taking a journey through time, through centuries of volcanic activity. 

This cave, so called for its walls that seem covered with berries, offers a unique spectacle of colors and shapes. Its stalactites and stalagmites create a surreal landscape, while the play of light inside the cave adds a magical touch to this underground experience.

Cave Cassone: the kingdom of volcanic formations

The Cassone Cave is a real natural museum of volcanic formations. 

Here, hikers can admire lava tubes, basalt columns and other structures created by the ancient eruptive activity of Etna. The walls of the cave are a patchwork of colors and textures, witnesses of the incredible power of nature. 

An adventure in the Cassone Cave is an immersion in the geological history of Etna.

Caves of the Three Levels: an underground labyrinth to explore

Embark on an adventurous adventure in the Cave of the Three Levels, an underground labyrinth that spans multiple floors. Here, explorers can challenge themselves as they climb steep walls and writhe through narrow passages. 

But the reward for their audacity is great: incredible rock formations and breathtaking views that are worth every effort.

Ice Cave: ice crystals in the heart of the fire of the caves

The Frost Cave is a place of wonder and contrast, where fire and ice meet in a surreal ballet. Here, ice crystals cling to the walls of solidified lava, creating a unique atmosphere in the world. 

Exploring this cave is like walking on another planet, where nature once again demonstrates its extraordinary creativity.


In conclusion, the Etna Caves offer an extraordinary journey into the heart of the earth, where the beauty and power of nature are manifested in surprising and spectacular forms. For anyone wishing to explore the hidden wonders of Etna, an adventure in its caves is an experience not to be missed.