After the forced break linked to the covid emergency, we finally start again. From June 14th we will be ready to share our great passion for volcanoes again.

Hello to all volcano lovers! As you know at the moment, Italy is facing the COVID-19 and for the health of all the people at the moment many work activities, including the tourism sector, step aside. So even AITNE’s excursions have to pause. Continue to write to us for info and follow us on our

A Strombolian activity from the new south-east crater and the Voragine crater and an intracraterial effusive activity from the Voragine can be seen from an inspection carried out from the Aitne Guides to the top craters

Etna in autumn becomes an incredibly varied playground for mountain bike lovers. Paths that cross lava flows and craters of different morphologies and fun single tracks in a beech and birch forest made even more magical by autumn colors. Discover the wild north side of Etna with our e-bike tours

“All that is primal fascinates me and attracts me, instinctively. This is why I love volcanoes. They are the image of how the earth could be at its origins, between vapors and jets of lava and abyssal craters. (Cit) ”

Etna-Stromboli Eruptions / Ausbrüche October 2019 from FotoDive on Vimeo. Wonderful images of the strong explosive activity of the summit craters of Etna and Stromboli taken in the first days of October by Fotodive.