Nos excursions ont pour objectif de vous faire entrer au cœur du volcan, hors des sentiers battus. Trekking dans la Valle del Bove pour découvrir le cœur géologique de l'Etna, trekking sur le côté ouest sauvage de l'Etna pour atteindre la Grotta del Gelo à travers des sentiers de lave

Etna gives us an extraordinary day for our first ski mountaineering of the season. The contrast between the snow, the explosions of the north-east crater, the view of the Aeolian Islands and a sunset on the Cyclops stacks give us unique emotions

The new video of Sicily Volcano Trail.Aitne has been collaborating since 2003 together with Mandala tour in the organization of this trail running event between the Aeolian Islands and Etna.

They call her Mamma Etna. To the inhabitants of the eastern part of Sicily, the stillactive volcano is a neighbour they sometimes fear. Nevertheless, they enjoy living on the slopes strewn with black rocks.