Do not miss the opportunity to reach the Central Crater of Etna with your strength or helped by wonderful e-bikes!
Thanks to the relatively mild climate and the dense trail network, every season is suitable to discover by bike the volcano and its great silences. Etna offers fantastic scenarios for all bikers: great climbs, exciting descents in singletrack or endless sandy canyons, simple rides suitable for all immersed in uncontaminated landscapes in a continuous alternation of woods and lava, in the light of the volcano or the shade of its plume.

Crossing the Nebrodi by E-BIKE

Crossing the Nebrodi by E-BIKE

A tour in the green heart of Sicily in two days, 110km in one of the wildest places on the island where immense beech and oak trees alternate with crystal clear lakes with the view of the majestic Etna on one side and the Tyrrhenian coast and the Aeolian Islands from ‘other

Etna traverse

Tour of Etna in e-bikes

A superb tour of Etna from the south to the north traversing thousands of diverse landscapes, ancient pine forests, caves formed by lava flows and deserts of lava surrounded by woods of birch trees. 38 km of easy to medium difficulty cycle paths to discover the surroundings of Etna with a view of the Nebrodi Park, the gulf of Taormina and the Aeolian islands.

Summit Craters

Reach the summit by e-bikes

A fun and environmentally friendly way to reach the crater of Etna. Leaving from our office at 1900m, we will pedal our Trek e-bikes on an easy trail passing the craters from the big eruption of 2001-2002 up to a height of 3000m, where we will leave the bikes 50m from the summit to reach the edge of the main craters.

Pista Altomontana

Pista Altomontana Etna traverse over 2 days

Two full days of e-bike riding to discover the geological wonders of Etna as well as it’s flora and fauna. The first day covers a full circumnavigation of Etna from south to north on 38km of easy to medium cycle paths that cross deserts of lava, wonderful woods of beeches and pine and fascinating caves formed by the lava flows of Etna.

Our e-Bikes

Powerfly 4

Powerfly 4 is built with parts that hold up, like a dependable 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, a 100 mm suspension fork, fast-rolling wheels and a Bosch Performance CX motor that assists up to 25 km/h. This bike expands your boundaries and lets you travel to destinations that you never thought you’d reach on a mountain bike.

Powerfly FS 4

Powerfly FS 4 is the gateway to more exciting trail adventures. It’s a full suspension electric mountain bike that pairs the capability of a 130 mm trail bike with the power of a Bosch Performance CX motor. A 10-speed drivetrain, aluminium frame with a semi-integrated battery, pedal-assist up to 25 km/h, and front and rear suspension help you take on more rugged trails with comfort and confidence.

Powerfly LT 4 Plus

Powerfly LT 4 is an electric mountain bike with long travel front and rear suspension for especially technical terrain. It’s made for real-deal mountain bikers who get rowdy on rugged trails with 150 mm of travel, a 160 mm fork, mid-fat 27.5+ tyres, a powerful Bosch motor that helps you sustain speeds of up to 25 km/h and a durable trail bike spec.