Aitne, offers you two ways to discover the soul of the Volcano:

Trekking at 2900m: By cable car, the first uphill section is reached, reaching approximately 2500m. From there, via a route that avoids the most crowded areas, you reach on foot the altitude of 2900m where you find yourself in front of the craters and their life! To complete the understanding of the volcanic phenomena we visit the eruptive theater of the 2002-2003 eruption: its splendid craters and the impressive eruptive fissure. Finally a visit on the highest edge of Valle del Bovewhere to appreciate the evolutionary history of Etna with a stunnig view.

Technical Data: D+ = D- = 500m, length approximately 9km.

Price € 75 (€ 45 guide fee + 30€ cablecar)

E-Bike up to 2900m: climb the 1000m of altitude difference that leads to Torre del Filosofo in front of the Central Crater in the simplest and most ecological way. Little effort and much

downhill fun, surfing the volcanic desert, a unique experience!

Technical Data: D + = D- = 1000m, length about 18km.

Price 90 € (guide + rental Trek e-bike)