Valle del Bove – Canalone della Montagnola

After leaving the cable car station (2500m), we’ll climb to the top of the Montagnola (2640m) where we’ll be able to enjoy the great view of the summit craters. Just below the top of the Montagnola there is a volcanic sand gully ,with 900 metres difference in height, which descends into the Valle del Bove. The route winds its way between vertical walls on which you can see layers of age old eruptive centres and lava dykes. We’ll then hike along the foot of the valley over the 1991-93 Pāhoehoe(ropy surface) lava field to then come out of the valley through some beautiful beech woods.

Piazzale del Rifugio Sapienza
Meeting at 9:15 AM Departing at 9:30 AM.
RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT Dati i venti vigorosi normalmente da ovest e’ consigliato l’uso di una giacca antivento in gore-tex,di un paio di occhiali per proteggersi da improvvise raffiche di vento, e naturalmente di un paio di scarponcini alti da montagna.
Guide Cableway
Boots and sticks on request
Meals (Lunch Pack available + 5 €)

Dislivello in salita: 300m. Dislivello in discesa: 1400m

Price refers to groups of 5 people, otherwise contact us for a personalized quote.

Additional information

DoveEtna, Sicily
Durataabout 4 hours
DifficoltàMedium / Easy

Valle del Bove
Valle del Bove
Valle del Bove