Altomontana trail and Etna traverse in 2 days

Two intense days of e-bikes where we could discover all the different geological aspects and flora that Etna can offer .
On the first day we will do the circumnavigation of Etna from south to north, 38km of medium-easy dirt road that will take us through lava deserts, beautiful beech and ancient pine forests and we will be able to discover some of the most beautiful lava flow caves on Etna. In the evening we will spend the night in a beautiful managed refuge on the northern slope of Etna nestled in one of the most beautiful pine forests on the volcano.
The following day after loading our e-bikes we will climb to the top of the summit craters from the north slope until we reach an altitude of 3100mt, from here in about 45m of walking we will reach the rim of the active craters where we will enjoy a 360° view from the Aeolian Islands to the Gulf of Catania and where we will be able to listen to the breath of “mamma Etna”. Having resumed our e-bikes we will descend on the south slope through the eruptive cones of 2001-2002 and the spectacular volcanic amphitheater of Valle del Bove until we return to our office

Technical data:

Length: 60km approx.
Positive elevation gain: 2700mt +150mt on foot
Negative elevation gain: 3300mt +150mt on foot
Difficulty: medium, you must have experience in mountain bike rides on slopes that are not overly technical but sometimes steep.
Cost: (includes bike rental and guide)
Groups max of 9 pax