Summit Craters at Sunset

“Reaching Etna’s steaming summit craters at sunset is an experience you will always remember.”

Piano Provenzana (1800m)
Meeting point 15.00, departure 15.30
Approximately 21:30
The hike is forbidden for heart patients and asthmatics
RECOMMENDED EQUIPEMENT In view of the strong westerly winds, we recommend a gore-tex windbreaker jacket, a fleece, hat, gloves, a pair of goggles to protect you from sudden gusts of wind, and of course a pair of high mountain boots and a headlamp for the descent.
Hiking boots and poles on request
Food and drinks
Cable car and 4×4: 78€

The climb is carried out in 4×4 minibuses up to an altitude of 2800m up to Piano delle Concazze, from here after about 1.5 hours of uphill walking you arrive at the edge of the central crater from which you can observe the North East Crater, formed in 1911 and the real summit of Etna (3329m).

From the top we can see 360° with our gaze, and if the day permits we can see the Aeolian Islands to the north and the Gulf of Catania to the south and admire the setting of the sun towards the Sicilian hinterland.

From the top we begin the descent along a steep but easy slope of ash and scoria passing through the volcanic amphitheater of the Valle del Bove, a spectacular caldera 8km long and 4km wide, from here we will continue downhill with the 4×4 vehicle until we reach at the departure of the cable car.

The tour may be subject to change due to bad weather conditions or an increase in volcanic activity.


Tour may be subject to change due to bad weather conditions or increased volcanic activity

Additional information

Participants5/10 for each guide according to the ordinances in force
Altitude Difference450+ / 1300-