Trekking 2002 eruptive fracture on the north side of Etna

Trekking that will allow us to discover the wild northern side of Etna and walk along the fascinating 2002 eruptive fracture that destroyed the Piano Provenzana ski resort.

We will start on foot from Piano Provenzana at an altitude of 1800m, following an easy path between beech trees and lava flows we will arrive at the 2002 eruptive fracture where we can visit the eruptive cones with different geomorphological structures, discover the endemic vegetation of Etna and the fascinating skeletons of the trees “mummified” by the 2002 eruption. From here you will enjoy a splendid view of the summit craters and the Gulf of Taormina. The descent will take place on fun volcanic sand gullies to return to the starting point.

Duration: 3h

Difficulty: easy

Difference in altitude: 350m



Trekking shoes
Volcanological guide



Water and packed lunch
Trekking poles

Tour may be subject to change due to bad weather conditions or increased volcanic activity